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The three fit and fabulous women of 360°YOU are doing big things to bring fitness, food and fun to the masses! Jasmine Schmalhaus (Jazzy Things), Jenny Grothe (Momma Gal), and Lindsey Mathews (Moxie Full Body) joined forces to create a weekend workshop in SLC and needed a visual identity for their annual event. Branding their event helped to build recognition, professionalism and trust with their audience by using consistent messaging across all channels.
Using the 360° concept, we created a circular logo to communicate the full spectrum of health and fitness they represent together. We kept the text clean, fresh and airy and ran it along the edge, similar to a weight plate. The end result was a fun and engaging, high-impact logo that transferred easily to a variety of marketing mediums.


Crush Design Co. | 360YOU | Brand Identity | Athletes

Crush Design Co. | 360YOU | Brand Identity | Logo Design

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